We confidently boast an incredible range of fish for a perfect aquatic companion!

Current Stock List of freshwater tropical fish

Red Coral Platy
Siamese Fighting Fish
Glow lights
Clown loach
Golden Barb
Tiger Barbs assorted
Neon Tetra
Black neons
Scissor Tails
Sword tails
Maliwi chiclid
Panda Angel
Bronze Corydora
Various bristlenose
Black lyretail Molly
Black and Gold Molly
Lemon Oscars
Driftwood catfish
Horseface Loach
Penguin Tetra
Mbu puffer
Congo Puffer
Gourami assorted
Golden white cloud mountain minnow
Red Serpea Terta
Golden Calico Platy
Zebra Danio

Leopard Danio

Blue Ram

Golden Ram

Koi Angel


If there is anything not on this list you are looking for please give us a call as we can do custom orders